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    ring light for makeup artist

    Since then, Jane has started her career with a portrait of a child, and soon won the ring light for makeup artist appreciation of Mechter Hilde Naviaski, the photo editor of Observer. In January 1949, Jane got her first mission—a portrait of the philosopher Bertrand Russell, who has since become a resident photographer for The Observer, and has been working for the newspaper for nearly 60 years. .
    For Jane’s longevity, photography was the only career in her life, and until 2014, a few months before Jane’s death, she insisted on taking photos of her two sisters, Andrew Billen’s daughter. This also became the final work of Jane Bowen.
    Throughout this ring light for makeup artist book, Jane's friend and editor Luke Dodd has staged the collation and summarization of the photographic works of Jane for more than 60 years in a chapter.
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