small camera tripod

    In the 1960s, I began to take pictures of "nature and vitality" with a 35mm camera and small camera tripod initially tried color photography that I didn't like so much;
    1970s - the formation of a shallow depth of field close-up "signature portrait style" and continue to pay attention to the "neglected people or things" in the daily life;
    In the 1980s - as a highly qualified photographer, he still faced each subject "without discrimination";
    In the 1990s, "many representative portraits" taken in small camera tripod conjunction with the "Census Daily" new large-scale magazine celebrity interviews;

    UBeesize Tripod Stand

    These tabs outline the simple photographic style, but they also limit the understanding of this UBeesize Tripod Stand outstanding photographer.
    It was not until I opened the album "The Gaze of Life: The Master of Photography by Jane Bowen", which was recently introduced by "Post Wave". The author really had a panoramic and in-depth reading of her photography life.
    Jane Bowen, born in March 1925 in Eastnor, Herefordshire, England, participated in the UBeesize Tripod Stand Royal Women's Service Team during World War II. This work allowed her to receive an education grant to enter the Guildford School of Art after retiring in 1945 and to study photography with Ivor Thomas. 1950s - a portrait of "mostly ruled and restrained" photographed by Lu Laifu's camera;
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